Release date

Release Date… to be or not to be…that is the question?

I have done all the things I have needed to do to get Saving Amy published by May 20. Unfortunately, due to things beyond my control I am not sure I can meet that date.  It has been on my mind lately, stressing me out beyond belief. It sucks, the fact that I promised this book by that date and it won’t be there. It is in my face every time I pick up my phone my release countdown clock is flashing at me. Ugh! The stress!!  I would LOVE to hit publish and have it live by the 2oth, but I don’t want it rushed in anyway. If it’s not ready, not something I would be proud of, it’s not worth it to put it out there like that just to make that release date. I have worked to damn hard.

By no means am I complaining. Trust me, I am grateful to all of those who have helped me get to this point. I am just explaining why it (probably) won’t be out by the date I set. A date that I looked at a calender, when asked what the release was and picked blindly.

Hopefully, fingers toes and whatever else you can cross, if Saving Amy is not released on May 20, it will release as close to that date as humanly possible.  I will keep you all updated and as soon as it’s live I will post the links everywhere I can!

Until then


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