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I get that I am new to this “author” thing, but what I am not new to is writing. I have been writing since I was a child but always for me. I never shared anything with another person. The one person I did tell I was writing anything was my grandmother. The only reason I told her was because when I stayed at her house, which was most weekends, I was always writing in a notebook and she wanted to know what I was doing. I told her I was writing stories she smiled and said that was good. I asked her one day when I was older why she never asked to read anything, She said she wasn’t a reader and she liked to watch her stories on television (soap operas, God she loved those). She also said “When you’re ready for the world to see them you’ll show me.” I never got the chance to show her. She died before I was ready for the world to see them.

That is one of my biggest regrets in life that I didn’t share my stories with her. Trust me, I don’t have a whole lot of regrets. I believe the mistakes I have made turned me into the person I am, Good or bad, liked or not, I am what I am, take me or leave me. I am okay either way. I wonder from time to time if I would have pursued my writing earlier in life, if I would have followed that dream I had as a child where I would be today. If I would have told someone that dream, maybe having that push years earlier would have changed things for me. Who knows. What I do know is that I love being married to my best friend, laughing daily with him and raising my two fantastically funny, adorable children. Maybe that is all I was meant to do, be their mom and his wife. Maybe, maybe not. What If I got that push earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have these three amazing things in my life?

I could debate it for hours, the what ifs, the maybes. This author thing started because I had a story I wanted to share with my husband. That’s it, just him. I didn’t want to have that regret of not sharing it again. He is the one that pushed me into publishing Saving Amy and sharing it with the world. Right now it’s a really small world. Do I hope to expand that? I do. But if every story I ever write from this point on is only shared with my husband and family I’m okay with that. I get to do what I love… write.

My goals when I published were simple, I wanted one person I didn’t know to purchase my book and to have someone read it and tell me they liked it. They may seem simple but for someone that was terrified for people to read what she wrote those were HUGE goals.

I had someone tell me they sat and read Saving Amy cover to cover in one sitting, I was ecstatic! I had another person tell me she cried while reading, I know it’s mean but I did a little happy dance. To me they got it, I did it. I achieved what I tried to do with the story.

I am in the process of writing a series that I am so emotionally invested in, I am mentally exhausted when I finish writing scenes with this one. Is it worth it? Absolutely! I am writing and that’s what matters. My goals for this one are pretty much the same. I would love for one person I don’t know to purchase it and for someone to tell me they liked it. I am just a writer who tried her hand at being an author.  

I may be naive in my thinking but if you are writing for other people or to sell books you are writing for the wrong reasons. If you think “your world” isn’t big enough, you aren’t making the bestseller lists and you think you aren’t getting read because “there are just too many authors out there” maybe you should take a break and reevaluate WHY you write. 

Until I have another random thought.

Happy Reading!

S ♥ 

Random thoughts, Uncategorized

What’s in a Name?

While working on this new project I have been thinking a lot about names. The names of books, the names of characters within those books, the name of towns used. Does it bother a reader to read a book that has the same title?

For me personally, being a reader first, I think if the title is the same as long as the content is completely different, why does it matter if they share a name? Is it that big of a deal? As for characters, if I read a book and the main character has the same name as another main character in someone elses book. As long as the physical descriptions are different I never think twice about it. Do you?

While working on my next project, Trust In Us, which is the first in a series I am labeling the In Us Series. I have done my research, trust me! I know there is at least one other book out there with this title. I have tried to change it up, but for me it just isn’t working. So will I release this title using Trust In Us? Yes I will. This series has been rolling around for a while in my head. I had the name of all three, picked synopsis written out in my head long before I ever even opened that new document in word. Can I change the muse? I tried and failed. It completely messed with the flow of things.

I know other writers will completely understand the muse and the pull that it has on you concerning what you write and how you write it. Some details are changeable, some details if you change will change everything you know about the story, including the name of that character or that title. In my head for months and months he has been called “X” and I change it to “Y” mid story in my head it will always be “X” causing editing issues etc. I am finding out the muse always wins.  I get that readers sometimes don’t understand the muse and why an author writes the content they do.

These are the thoughts I have while showering. Hey, it’s where I do my best thinking and this is the kind of thing I think about. I’m always wondering why people get so upset over a name. A name is just that, a name. It’s the content that will set you apart.

Until the next time I have a random thought.

Happy Reading

♥ S


The final push…

It’s the final push….to the finish!!! WOOHOO!!   I honestly can’t believe I have come this far.  This is something I never thought would happen to me.  Well, I guess it didn’t happen to me, I MADE it happen.   Holy hell this scares the crap out of me! Writing all these scenes I have dreamt up seems to be the easy part.  It’s all this other stuff that has me nervous, getting a cover, seeing what the betas/editor say and finally releasing.   Someone may actually read it (what?) and even worse have an opinion on it! Crazy I know! Why would I write something I am terrified for someone to read?   Because I love this story, I know some people may not, but I LOVE IT and its mine!

Where am I in this final push?  I am working on the final chapters of Saving Amy…its almost done.. YAY!! I will soon be working with a cover designer and an editor.  I already have what I have written so far (in a very rough form) in the hands of a few very trusted readers.  I love getting the feedback they are giving me, some positive, some questions but making it better either way!

As of right now it looks like Saving Amy will release either in January or February 2014.  I am so excited for you to meet Amy and Ryan.

Until then keep reading

♥ S




My Journey

I decided to take this journey June of this year (2013).  Why? you ask.  Well let me start at the beginning.  I have written things for years, since high school really, which was a long time ago, but I have never tried my hand at self publishing.  I never knew such a thing existed until this year.  My husband bought me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and well one thing led to another.  I now have over 1000 TBR (to-be-read) indie books sitting on my Kindle at any one given time.  But another wonderful thing happened, I realized there was an outlet for things I have written.  That maybe one person may like something I have created in my imagination.

Any way back to how Saving Amy came to be, I listen to music A LOT and every time a few songs came on, I had this almost movie-ish experience in my head.  I could not get these characters out no matter what I did.  I would find myself thinking of them in the shower, while making dinner, driving and while I was working.  Finally I decided that you know what I can do this, I can write their story.  If nothing else it will get them the hell out of my head!

As of today I am finishing up Amy’s story and getting ready to send it to the editor sometime at the end of this year.  I know that is months away but unfortunately I can’t write as much as I want to or even as much as the muse wants me too.  Being the mother of 2 and working a full time job (with its busiest season coming up) sometimes writing gets pushed to the back burner.  But no worries Saving Amy and all of her issues are always on my mind!

I can’t wait for you to meet Amy and her friends!

More updates to come soon

♥ S