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What’s in a Name?

While working on this new project I have been thinking a lot about names. The names of books, the names of characters within those books, the name of towns used. Does it bother a reader to read a book that has the same title?

For me personally, being a reader first, I think if the title is the same as long as the content is completely different, why does it matter if they share a name? Is it that big of a deal? As for characters, if I read a book and the main character has the same name as another main character in someone elses book. As long as the physical descriptions are different I never think twice about it. Do you?

While working on my next project, Trust In Us, which is the first in a series I am labeling the In Us Series. I have done my research, trust me! I know there is at least one other book out there with this title. I have tried to change it up, but for me it just isn’t working. So will I release this title using Trust In Us? Yes I will. This series has been rolling around for a while in my head. I had the name of all three, picked synopsis written out in my head long before I ever even opened that new document in word. Can I change the muse? I tried and failed. It completely messed with the flow of things.

I know other writers will completely understand the muse and the pull that it has on you concerning what you write and how you write it. Some details are changeable, some details if you change will change everything you know about the story, including the name of that character or that title. In my head for months and months he has been called “X” and I change it to “Y” mid story in my head it will always be “X” causing editing issues etc. I am finding out the muse always wins.  I get that readers sometimes don’t understand the muse and why an author writes the content they do.

These are the thoughts I have while showering. Hey, it’s where I do my best thinking and this is the kind of thing I think about. I’m always wondering why people get so upset over a name. A name is just that, a name. It’s the content that will set you apart.

Until the next time I have a random thought.

Happy Reading

♥ S